LED Grow Light Waterproof Explained:Best IP Rating for Your Grow Lights

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Many people grow cannabis to reconnect with nature. After all, gardening can be a lot of fun and it is a very relaxing hobby. Others know it will save them money. The goal here is to experiment with different seeds and various cultivation methods to bring about the best yield. But, one thing is for certain, you can’t grow cannabis quickly or abundantly without waterproof grow lights.

The sun causes all plants to grow healthy and strong. The purpose of a waterproof grow light is to mimic the natural light of the sun, and to provide that light for a much longer time than is typically available in one day. Any season, any time of day, and during any weather conditions, waterproof LED grow lights are critical to an abundant harvest of cannabis.

Research Studies On Cannabis Grow Lights

 A recent Cannabis Science and Technology group discussed the research behind higher yielding cannabis and grow lights. Grow light technology is constantly advancing due to research that has closely examined the effect of different light spectrums, colors, and wavelengths on cannabis yield. It has been discovered that all light will benefit growth, but different types of light will greatly benefit different types of the plant – either the cannabis flower or the cannabis leaves.

But, it was discovered that LEDs provided the perfect balance for both high efficiency and a light spectrum that is fully tuned to support cannabis growth. 

High-intensity discharge lamps or HID lighting provide intense light, but with a limited spectral coverage, which can limit plant growth. So, while your plants may grow faster with HID light, they may not grow as tall because HID can stunt the growth of mature plants. Also, the intense heat generated by HID lights has been known to burn tender leaves and flowers.

The same effect was found with fluorescent or induction lights, which are much cooler than HID light bulbs. The result was less cannabis yield with fluorescent lights because the intensity of the light not enough. Since plants are not receiving optimum light, they will not produce larger and more dense buds.

As a matter of fact, fluorescent grow lights were shown to have the lowest potential yield and they are not ideal for the flowering stage. Due to the lack of light intensity, cannabis plants must be set very close to the florescent light to obtain the amount of intense light needed. And finally, fluorescent lights require more ceiling space than any other lighting fixtures available.

A leading manufacturer of all types of lights, GE Current, explains why LED lights tailored to fit the specific requirements for growing cannabis are the best choice over all light technologies including HID, fluorescent, incandescent, and HPS. High quality cannabis flowers and intense buds are possible with LED technology because:

“LED fixtures are one way to take cannabis production to the next level while reducing operating costs. LEDs are more efficiently dimmed compared to traditional HPS lamps, allowing growers to adjust light quantity as needed. This, combined with customized light spectrums that don’t decrease in quality over time, can lead to higher cannabinoid and terpene content.”

LED lights produce a broad-spectrum white light and also allow the cultivator to better see the plants as they are growing and as they are working with the crop. It can be difficult to see the details of your cannabis plants when using other lights that have a color spectrum that is a darker red, green, or purple. With LED lamps, you not only get higher yield, you also save money because LED lights use a lot less energy than other light bulbs and fixtures.

To protect your investment in LED lights and the right fixtures, which may include dimming technology, make sure you consider waterproof LED grow lights. Continue reading to discover how to know if the LED lights you choose are waterproof.

Grow Light Waterproof Explained

The first consideration when choosing the best cannabis grow lights is that they should be sealed to keep out moisture in the air, dripping water, and dust. A greenhouse is typically exposed to moisture, hose water, dust, and other particles in the air that can affect the operation of grow lights.  Consider waterproof LED grow lights that are rated IP67 to keep moisture and contaminants out.

The best IP rating for LED grow light is the IP67 rating, which means the light fixture is not only water-resistant, but also dust-proof. The IP67 grow light water rate means you don’t have to worry about water seeping into the light’s electrical circuitry and destroying your investment.

A grow light IP rating of IP67 LED lights are used outdoors or indoors. This is an added safety feature that should be considered, especially for cannabis grown in an indoor location.

IP Ratings Explained

Instead of buying a waterproof grow light that says it is water-resistant on the label, the best waterproof LED lights have the best IP rating – which is not just a marketing statement. Look closer at what this rating means to ensure your lighting equipment is actually resistant to dripping water and splashed water.

As an example, let’s examine what an IP – 67 rating means:

IP – this stands for Ingress Protection or how well a product is designed so that water and dust cannot enter and affect important internal components. The IEC or the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) set the guidelines and for a product to carry this rating, it must prove the product’s design passes IEC requirements.

6 – There are different levels of protection against different contaminants. The number 6 indicates a grow light that is built to prevent dust over a set amount of time. It also ensures that any other items over 1 mm in diameter can not enter the light fixture or the light bulb in any way. 

7 – this number  indicates the fully assembled product is sealed and protected if immersed in water for short periods of time and in water that has a pressure between 15 cm and 1 m. The higher this last number is, then the better the protection.

You can buy waterproof grown lights with an IP65 or IP66 ratings, both of which water-resistant, but not waterproof. If this is enough protection for the environment in which you grow cannabis, then choosing a different grow light waterproof rate is certainly fine.

Now that we have IP ratings explained in the context of cannabis plants and the benefit of LED light over other forms of light, switching to waterproof LED grown lights should be an easy decision.

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