Growing Marijuana in a Greenhouse: A Detailed Lighting Guide


Importance of LED light

When growing marijuana plants indoors, a suitable light system is just as important as using marijuana-specific nutrients. LED lights are now widely regarded as the greatest greenhouse light source for allowing marijuana to develop more flowers and buds at faster rates. Compared to traditional fluorescent, metal halide (MH), high-pressure sodium (HPS), or halogen grow lights, LED growth lights are far more energy-efficient. LED grow lights may be customized to provide the exact spectrum needed for a certain stage of growth as compared with traditional grow lights. Marijuana plants are light-sensitive; thus, light’s color, frequency, and intensity must be adjusted during their respective development period.

YT Series for Growing Marijuana in a Greenhouse

The grow light industry is well known for BoyaLite ™ Lighting Technology. With quick shipping and top-notch customer service, BoyaLite offers affordable, high-quality LED grow lights. BoyaLite has a more sophisticated and cutting-edge LED light range. The versatile, thin, and effective VYPR series provides reliable PPFD, energy efficiency, and a pleasant working environment for people in greenhouse and indoor grow environments. Growers can adjust the seasons with the aid of additional greenhouse lighting. Boya LED light won’t obscure the sun’s natural light because of its thin and light shape. The YT series was built by BoyaLite’s brilliant designers as the best-LED choice, adding several features that elevate the product to a high level. The full-spectrum grow lamp imitates the sun’s natural light and has a detachable driver that covers all necessary wavelengths while lowering heat output. This series offers a carefully considered collection of features that are user-friendly for beginners and provide high-performance light intensity. The LED grow light’s IP65 waterproof grade enables farmers to use it without any problems in settings with high relative humidity.

Full-Spectrum Light for Healthy Plants.

The light spectrum significantly influences plant growth. The BoyaLite LED lights with ideal full-spectrum illumination produce light similar to natural sunlight and help plants develop healthily at all stages, increasing yield by 50%. The YT series uses wavelengths with particular intensities of 320–400 nm (UVA), 420–480 nm (blue), 600–680 nm (red), and 800-1000 nm (IR). The YT series LED grow light may offer comprehensive support throughout the crop cycle by focusing on these spectra. Usually, the range of wavelengths between 400 nm and 760 nm is considered photosynthetically active radiation (PAR).

Role of Ultra-violet Light in Plants’ Growth

It has been demonstrated that ultraviolet light aids in accelerating photosynthesis and promotes greater plant development. According to a study that appeared in the peer-reviewed journal Oecologia, UV-A light exposure improved photosynthesis by 12%. Another study indicated that UV-A light increased leaf size, dry weight, and growth potential. This study was also published in Scientia Horticulturae. The production of resin by plants, which boosts flavonoids and terpenes in your plants, is aided by UV light. Terpenes give plants their flavor and smell, whereas flavonoids are in charge of some plants’ rich, vivid colors.

YT Series for Growing Marijuana

Role of Other Wavelengths

The light’s blue spectrum ranges from 420 to 480 nm, critical for photosynthesis and fast marijuana development. This light color is most commonly employed during plant growth’s sprouting and vegetative stages as it encourages rapid development and growth. The green light spectrum follows the blue light spectrum, with wavelengths between 495-570 nm. Marijuana plants absorb minimal energy from the green light. However, small amounts have been reported to have an impact on growth. Yellow light has a wavelength of 570-590 nm. Yellow/red light is helpful in budding and vital in the flowering stage, despite its minor role during photosynthesis. Red is the last color in the visible range. It has wavelengths ranging from 600 to 680 nanometers. During the flowering stage of marijuana, this light is required. Flowering and budding are induced by the presence of red light. In case the plant approaches the flowering stage, many marijuana producers move to a more powerful red light source. The marijuana plants respond best to a combination of red and blue light.

Photosynthetic Photon Flux

Greenhouse LED growth lights with higher PAR are accountable for the plant’s rapid growth and can result in bigger plants. The light intensity has been proposed as more critical rather than its spectrum. The photon flux is used to determine the light’s intensity. The Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) is a measurement of the ratio of photosynthetically active photons emitted per second from a LED grow light. The photosynthesis process contributed by the total output of the light can be determined by knowing the PPF value of the light source. PPF is measured in micromoles per second (μmol/s). The illumination by a joule of energy utilized, relating to the quantity of photosynthetic light (μmol/J) produced, is a measure of PAR effectiveness. Energy-efficient lights having excellent PAR efficiency are endorsed for indoor marijuana growth.

Automatic LED Control

Furthermore, for maximum growth, marijuana necessitates light and dark periods at regular intervals. To help growers manage the light, greenhouse light systems must be equipped with timers or internet of things (IoT)-based devices. The ideal photoperiod varies depending on the plant’s kind and should be researched before it grows. Indoor marijuana gardeners frequently purchase full-spectrum lights for their plants to increase their growth and provide more flowers and buds.

Replaceable Drivers

Low operating costs and less heat emission are two excellent benefits of LED lighting. Nevertheless, strong LED lights still produce significant heat. The detachable driver on the BoyaLite LEDs is a remarkable feature. The majority of the device’s heat is generated by this built-in power source, which also controls the energy needed to turn on the LEDs. While still plugged into the lengthy extension chord, the grower can detach the driver and move it outside the greenhouse. This enables the cultivator to maintain a steady temperature in the growing area.


suitable light system

Passive cooling

The LEDs with higher wattages generate a lot of heat. In order to maintain the temperature inside the growing area, cooling is needed because each watt generates nearly 3.41 Btu of heat. Depending on the design approach, heat can be dispersed either toward or away from the plant by mounting an LED printed circuit board on an aluminum substrate. At different phases of plant growth, effective heat dissipation is crucial for long-term lighting. The BoyaLite LED grow lamp also has an aluminum heatsink that effectively dissipates heat in addition to the replaceable driver. The working space is kept quiet because the BoyaLite LED grow lights do not contain an additional fan for heat dissipation. The BoyaLite LEDs are excellent lights due to their lack of noise, low running expenses, and efficient heat dissipation.

Installing the BoyaLite LED lights

BoyaLite LEDs are simple to install. The suspension rope can be attached to the frame at the top of the growing area after the components have been unboxed. Because the driver is simple to unscrew, gardeners have the option of leaving it inside the greenhouse or moving it outside. Moving the driver out of the growing area is preferable in small growing areas because it serves as the primary heat source, raising greenhouse temperatures and potentially affecting crop growth. Following the completion of the lighting installation, the dimmer switch may be installed and the hung light can be daisy-chained. The manual with the lamp includes information about the guarantee and the light’s intensity when hanging at various heights.

Fast Delivery and Long Life

With use, all types of lights output less light, as determined by lumen or PAR photon irradiance. Traditional HPS and MH incandescent bulbs lose output significantly more quickly than LEDs. Depending on usage patterns and other variables, the BoyaLite LED grow lights have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Within 24 business hours, the organization can complete the order, and delivery takes 3 to 7 working days. The company provides superior after-sales service, as the company has hired skilled professionals for the after-sale services. BoyaLite is able to give marijuana producers the resources they need to achieve high-quality, high yields while lowering lighting and HVAC energy expenses by fusing their more than ten years of experience in the marijuana lighting market with the newest LED technology.

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