Commercial Cannabis


Harnessing and controlling light allows you to enrich your plants with cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids for optimal yield, quality. Boya offers a variety of lighting solutions to meet the broad needs of growers in the rapidly expanding and diversifying cannabis market. Combining Boyalite’s more than a decade of experience in the cannabis lighting industry with the latest in LED technology enables Boyalite to provide cannabis growers with the tools to produce high quality, high yields while reducing lighting and HVAC energy costs.




Efficient indoor cultivation requires sole-source lighting in order to control all environmental aspects including HVAC. So, Fluence equips indoor cannabis cultivators with LED grow light solutions that ensure seedlings, veg, and flowering plants alike receive the specific intensity of light they need to flourish. Options range from specific lights geared towards helping your seedlings and cuttings grow healthier with better root development to a full-cycle light that can be adjusted at each stage of the plant’s life.

cannabis-verticl farming

Vertical Farming

Boya’s extremely thin grow lights can be closely attached to the vertical shelf, which can effectively save space. Passive cooling, low temperature operation while emitting highly uniform and adjustable brightness Boya grow lights are the perfect solution for vertical farms. Combining two or more channels of spectral intensity adjustment allows you to have more and better choices when growing plants.


Supplemental greenhouse lighting helps growers control the seasons. Due to the thin and light shape of Boya plant light, it will not block the natural sunlight. Grow light drivers can be mounted vertically or horizontally on the luminaire and can be mounted remotely to make the most of the available space.

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